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After the COVID outbreak began, many people moved their whole lives online. It means that the hidden parts of the internet are busier than ever in the deep web’s past. People buy and sell drugs, hackers offer their skills, and even stranger things happen daily on those sites. There exists a website known as the Hidden Wiki that functions as an online encyclopedia.

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Dark Web

On the dark web, you can buy weed, cocaine, LSD, speed, heroin, other drugs, and things like bank accounts, credit cards, and other accounts.

Moreover, it is easier than ever to buy Bitcoin and use a service that hides your identity, which lets you mix your Bitcoins with those of other users when you shop on deep web platforms.

When did the dark Web start?

When researchers at the United States Naval Research Laboratory realized how easy it was to track, intercept, and use digital communications and activities, the “dark web” was formed in 2002. Despite its bad connotations, it may have originated in the intelligence community’s need for a more reliable method of communication.

Dark Web - Timeline

The dark web is still used by many communities all around the world. Some people think supporting authorities in their work is crucial without compromising the rights to free speech and the press.

Open Web

The open Web, or surface web, is the part of the Internet that the vast majority of users may access without downloading Tor or any other anonymizing software. Sites accessible via the surface web can also be easily located via search engines. Surface websites include some of the most visited domains, although they only account for around 5% of all material online. The remainder can be found on the deep Web or the dark Web. The visible portion of the web is like the tip of a massive iceberg; the bulk of the iceberg is concealed from view.

Surface Web vs Dark Web Hidden Wiki

How does the dark web differ from the open web? 

On the Tor dark web, a famous part of the dark web, services like Hidden Wiki, which act like a directory, are often used to guide the search. Crawling is used to talk about and use the many ways to get information from the dark web. The dark web crawler starts with the seed link, a secret service. 

Hidden Wiki is a popular service that helps people find things on Tor. Most of the hidden services on the Hidden Wiki 2020 page can no longer be reached since the latest version of Tor. Compared to the Hidden Wiki 2020 page, the Hidden Wiki 2021 page only lists a few services. This led the researchers to look into the role of Hidden Wiki-like services in dark web study and come up with the idea that customized harvested links are a better way to get to the dark web than Hidden Wiki-like services. Using the open-source crawler TorBot, the work collects unique hidden services/onion links and runs a similarity analysis on the pages to map them to the right groups.

Deep Web

The deep Web consists of all the information on the Internet that is not indexed by search engines. The deep web comprises sites that are either password-protected or require payment to access. To perform routine tasks like checking email, accessing one’s bank account, or perusing one’s medical or academic data, most Internet users navigate the dark web many times daily. You could not simply use a search engine to get a link to them and access them that way. More than 90% of all content online is hidden away in the deep Web and cannot be accessed by standard search methods.

Does Google exist in the deep web?

Searching the dark web with DuckDuckGo is just like using Google. Because of its reputation as a trustworthy private search engine, Tor’s search function uses it as its default. DuckDuckGo’s design is minimalist, with just a search bar in the middle of the page. Similarly to Google, DuckDuckGo displays its search results in a list format. DuckDuckGo is a search engine used on traditional and dark webs.

To further protect your privacy, DuckDuckGo does not record any of your activity on their site, including searches, and does not collect any data about you. DuckDuckGo, when coupled with a private browsing environment, is an effective privacy solution.

What is the deepest dark Web?

Mariana’s Web is the deep web’s most sinister and impenetrable part. The Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest natural chasm, is the inspiration for the name.

Deepest dark web

Solving an algorithm and computation that a computer cannot do is required to enter the Mariana web. This requires research into top-secret algorithms, quantum computing, and mathematical formulas.

Whether or not the Mariana web is worse than the dark web in terms of contract murderers and drug traffickers, this may or may not be real, but if it is, it is neat. Is there something underneath it akin to Mariana’s Web? Or is it all an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a shadowy organization like Cicada 3301 or the Illuminati? According to the data we have, nobody has visited this website up until this point.


Tor, which stands for “The Onion Router,” is a free, open-source network that helps people stay safe and private online. It does this by sending traffic through several relays, which are computers that volunteers worldwide run. This makes it hard for anyone to figure out what someone is doing or where they are. Tor also lets people visit websites hosted secretly or blocked in other ways.

The most common way to use Tor is to get to a “hidden wiki,” a directory with information about different topics and services. Onion sites that let users buy goods and services without revealing who they are and forums where people talk about news and current events. Tor is needed to get to these secret wiki sites because they are usually blocked from the public. This makes it hard to find them without a search engine like DuckDuckGo or Start page.

Hidden Wiki

On the dark web, there is a website known as the Hidden Wiki that functions as an online encyclopedia by compiling links to many other websites on the dark web. In 2008, it began as a straightforward list of links, and ever since then, it has expanded, making it possible for people to access this section of the internet while maintaining their anonymity and privacy. 

For anyone interested in investigating the dark web, the Hidden Wiki is a resource that should not be overlooked because it features hundreds of pages of information as well as links to other websites. One of the most established link directories on the dark web is the Hidden Wiki.

Tor Hidden Wiki

Tor has a lot of other safety and private features that make it appealing to a wide range of users. For example, journalists and “whistleblowers” may use Tor to hide their identities when sending private information. On the other hand, it can be used by activists and protesters to hide their position from oppressive governments. Businesses, meanwhile, could use Tor’s privacy features to protect customer information or trade secrets.

Hidden Search Engines

Commercial Links

Email Providers

Forums / News / dreads /

Hosting / Software Services


Other Links

ONION v3 LINK – http://wiki47qqn6tey4id7xeqb6l7uj6jueacxlqtk3adshox3zdohvo35vad.onion/

In 2007, when it was first found, the secret wiki was at 6sxyfb3h2nvok2d.onion. However, by the end of 2011, a full website was found with many of the links. Before August 2013, the name “Freedom Hosting” was used to host the site. In March 2014, the site and its kpvz7ki2v5agws35.onion name were hacked and redirected to the “Doxbin” domain. 

How does it work? 

Hidden Wiki runs on .onion sites that can only be reached through TOR or a TOR gateway. Hidden Wiki is a website that has links to all the illegal and secret things people do, like money laundering, contract killing, cyber-attacks for hire, making bombs with illegal chemicals, and so on. 

People say that a hidden wiki is a list of links to websites, but tens of thousands of websites on the dark web do not appear on a hidden wiki.

Is Hidden Wiki a crime? 

In many places, using Hidden Wiki is not against the law. However, it is against the law to do illegal work on Hidden Wiki.

Is Hidden Wiki a crime?

The Tor network is secure and lets people use the Internet without being seen. The infamous “dark Web” comprises secret services that run on the Tor network. People use these secret services to do things that would be against the law or unethical on the open Web. These include giving out child pornography, accessing illegal drugs, and selling guns. Even though Tor’s secret services let people do things without being censored and saying what they want, there are more gray activities. 

We have gathered the addresses of about 25,742 hidden services and analyzed the data for 6,227 available services using a Python crawler. The findings show that many hidden services have illegal content, and scam sites are also hidden. 

Content not in English was also looked at and put into groups. After English, Russian was the most common language on the dark web, and forums and blogs were more common than other types of material.

Is it against the law to use Tor and the Hidden Wiki?

On the software side, it is not against the law to use Tor or other browsers that hide your name. These “dark web” tools work on more than just this part of the Internet. Now, many people use Tor to browse the public Internet and deeper parts of the Web without being seen.

In this digital age, you need privacy; the Tor browser must give you that. Corporations and government bodies monitor what people do online without permission. Some people do not want the government or their ISPs to know what they look at online, while others have no choice. Users in countries with strict user and access rules often cannot access public sites without Tor clients and virtual private networks (VPNs).

The Internet is kind of like a moving glacier in the Arctic. The open web is something most of us use or see every day. There is also the deep Web, right below it, and the dark Web, which is even lower.

So, what exactly is the function of a .onion name?

You can connect to a concealed website via the Tor network using this. However, to operate, the hidden site must demonstrate to the Tor network that it is the domain owner under which the hidden site resides.

.Onion Domains on the Hidden Wiki

Now, the issue with the short domain names was that the cryptographic strength of the arithmetic that was used to generate them was insufficient.

The lengthy domain names are protected by cryptography that is more difficult to interpret, making them more secure and difficult to impersonate.

The technology that runs the Tor network has also been updated, and as a result, servers that are running v3 domains now have improved DDOS protection in addition to other advantages.

After years of not doing much to assist administrators of hidden services in mitigating distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults or attempts to deanonymize users, the Tor project appears to be continuing to strengthen the hidden site network.

Before 2013, there was another Hidden Wiki on the Tor network, and even now, several websites claim to be the Hidden Wiki. However, there is only ever going to be one original.

Why is support going to be discontinued for the older links?

The Tor team has decided to stop supporting the older short hidden service domain names. This decision was made because the cryptographic strength of the older domains is no longer adequate. Supercomputers are getting closer and closer to being able to regenerate the. Onion domains of other individuals.

Because of this, the moment has come to switch to longer keys and longer domain names, which will ensure the system’s continued safety for the next fifty or one hundred years.

What should you do to visit .onion?

To visit new .onion links, you only need to use a current version of the Tor browser. If it has been a long time since you updated your Tor browser, now might be a good time to do so. If not, you will not have to do anything.

2014, there were many problems on the Deep Web and Hidden Wiki sites. Many sites were shut down, and many new ones were coming online.

The Silk Road 2 was shut down, but if you go to, you can see that there are still a lot of shops and sellers online.

Am I on the dark Web or The Hidden Wiki?

If Your Data Is on the Dark Web, How Do You Find Out? The “Have I Been Pawned” (HIBP) website is a quick and easy way to see if your personal information has been sold on the dark web. It is a no-cost service requiring only an email or phone number to perform a search.

have i been pwned hidden wiki dark web

Dark Web and Deep Web

Deep Web and dark web sites sometimes get a bad name because they are so mysterious, which leads to misunderstanding and false information. About 96% of the Internet comprises these sites, and some have ways to protect your privacy online.

The dark Web is a part of the Internet that is encrypted and hidden below the normal Web. Having special tools to get to the dark Web would be best. Most people use Tor, or the Onion Router, to get to the dark Web. It gives its users a place to go where they can stay private while they surf the Internet. The dark Web is part of the same Tor network. The Tor browser uses the onion routing method, in which a three-node circuit is set up between the client and the server so that they can talk to each other. The data is encrypted at each point as it moves through the circuit. This hides the client’s real IP address and lets a person browse the Web without being followed. The Tor Project website ( has more information about how the Onion route and the Tor browser work.

Hidden Services

The sites that make up the dark Web are called “hidden services.” It is a Web service stored on the “dark web” and hides its IP address from the rest of the world. This makes it impossible to track down. A normal URL has 16 letters and numbers that are hard to understand, like tgazrkv8ctepwxnp. Onion. Unlike regular sites, these secret services end in .onion, and you need the Tor browser to get to them.

The user must also know a certain hidden service’s address (URL). Some websites, like Hidden Wiki, provide links to many hidden services, but these are limited. Also, no search engine, like Google, has a full list of all the hidden services available. This is because traditional search engines do not index hidden services.

People have used the dark web for both good and bad things. Some people use the dark web to voice their freedom of speech, while others may use it to do illegal things. Tor Project says that people and groups who want to be anonymous online can use the dark web to communicate. Law enforcement and intelligence organizations can use this platform to conduct covert operations and spy on the Internet. This platform is very helpful in countries where the government controls how Internet material is accessed, shared, and published. People who live in repressive regimes need this platform a lot to get blocked information.

The Tor platform gives anonymity to everyone, including criminals, rebels, and people who do not care about society. Criminals increasingly use the Internet to spread their crimes. For instance, acts like selling drugs against the law are now online. Also, the dark web has a long history of being where many illegal things start (Greenberg, 2014). On this site, you can buy illegal drugs and weapons and even have your identity stolen. 

Dark Web Services - Abuse

Sanchez-Rola et al. (2017) say there are videos of child abuse, extreme human trials, gore, and violence. Silk Road, a well-known online marketplace where drugs are sold illegally, is a good example of criminal behavior on the dark web (Christin, 2012). 2013, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shut down the market. According to a study, ISIS has also been using the dark web to spread its network and make money.

Dark Web Technology

Dark Web technology has two sides that make it hard for policymakers to decide what to do. Because technology is used for more than one thing, it is hard for law enforcement to shut down the network. On the one hand, it helps people living under oppressive governments, but on the other, it makes it easier for people to do illegal things (Jardine, 2015). 

By learning more about dark Web material, you can better understand how a technology like Tor causes both harm and good in the long run.

So far, it looks like only English material has been looked at in studies of the dark web. The only thing found about non-English content was the number of services available on the dark web. As far as we know, there is almost no knowledge about what kind of content can be found on the dark web that is not in English.

One of the darkest parts of the internet has seen a rare ray of light in the past few days. It is like a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, where rape and murder are openly promoted, and earthly authorities do nothing about it.

This is the wild world of darknets, particularly the Hidden Wiki. This site is not on the web, cannot be reached from Google, and can only be reached with special tools.

Law-abiding web users found out about this illegal, but maybe not evil, part of the web because of an illegal act. Anonymous, a digital protest group, broke into Lolita City last week. Lolita City was promoted on the Hidden Wiki as a place where pedophiles could pay to see gigabytes of child abuse images.

Anonymous “hacktivists” first went to the company that hosted Lolita City and told them to take down the offensive content. When their demands were not met, they started a two-pronged digital attack. First, they shut down the hosting company. Then, they broke into Lolita City’s systems and made the login information of more than 1,500 child molesters public.

It does not matter who you are; if they discover that you promote, host,  or support child pornography, you will become a target.

The move got much attention because it was a big change in strategy for Anonymous, which had previously hacked into government agencies and big companies. However, for many people, the fact that the Hidden Wiki existed and that anyone could find its unsavory material was a revelation.

The site does more than just help pedophiles. For example, pedophiles can get help setting up new, secure websites to share more child abuse pictures. It also advertises services for money laundering, contract killing, cyber strikes on demand, and restricted chemicals. It also tells people how to make bombs.

The Hidden Wiki itself is not interesting from a technical point of view. It looks like any other simple website, with lists of links that users update and put into sections.

Scot Terban, an independent security expert who was one of the first to bring the Hidden Wiki to the attention of people outside of its underground audience, said, “The big deal about the Hidden Wiki was that it was set up as the dark market of ideas and goods.”

“It is like running a black market business, but this one was online, and nobody knew about it.

“Because it was unidentified, people sensed free to trade illegal things publicly and mess around by posting ads for services like “hired assassins.” Ultimately, it became a safe place for pedophiles and their content.”

The Hidden Wiki uses free software called Tor, which keeps it hidden from the eyes of most web users. The internet data of Tor users is bounced around a global network of computers, which makes it hard to figure out where it came from. A website on the network, like the Hidden Wiki, can only be seen by people with the Tor software loaded, and its location is also hidden.

So, when someone goes to the Hidden Wiki, neither side knows who they are talking to. If the police or intelligence services wanted to look into the trade in pictures of child abuse or contract killing, they would have a much harder time than usual on the web.

The funny thing is that the US government made Tor, and the software is legal, at least in the West. It can help pedophiles escape getting caught, but it can also help people in Iran and China get around online censorship and surveillance. Tor is now run and improved by talented security hackers who do it for free with money from the US State Department.

Mr. Terban explained, “When I wrote about the Hidden Wiki in the past, I had already contacted the FBI, and they were aware of it.”

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, which is the specialized organization for investigating child abuse within the British police force, is aware of the Hidden Wiki and other darknets, as well as the issues that they present.

It is not going to be easy. The Hidden Wiki is only one piece of an underground internet that is supposed to be hundreds of times larger than the web that most of us use daily. The estimates for how vast this underground internet is vary wildly, but it is believed to be far larger than the web.

What you can find on the underground web:

  • Meeting IDs and the password for your Zoom account

This one was highly well-liked during the pandemic when everyone stayed home from work, but the underlying issue has not been resolved. On the dark web, fraudsters offer and trade legitimate Zoom credentials. There was an auction for various Zoom account details, including email addresses, passwords, meeting IDs, host keys, and host names.

For sale on the dark web and the hidden wiki

  • Financial institution account and routing numbers

Countless account and routing numbers for financial institutions are leaked into the underground web daily. Many stores offer them for sale in bulk quantities. See how the bad guy advertises a report full of banking details for U.S. companies as ideal for ACH transfer fraud in the two samples below.

The ins and outs of the dark web

Take all necessary precautions to keep yourself safe while browsing the dark web. Have confidence in your judgment. Take precautions if you do not want to get scammed on the internet. Listen carefully to what others are saying to one another and observe the environment to ensure your safety. When in doubt, exit the uncomfortable situation.

Be careful not to conflate your online identity with your true self. Keep your username, email address, and “real name” separate from your password and payment information while utilizing several services. If necessary, there is always the option to start fresh with a new set of credentials and a completely different account. A prepaid debit card will allow you to purchase without revealing your identity. Do not leave any footprints, either online or off.

Ins and Outs of the Dark web - Hidden Wiki

Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft with careful monitoring. The market for identity protection services that may be accessed online has grown in recent years. Take advantage of these resources to the best of your ability.

I do not understand why you were not successful. Purchasing from the underground web is highly discouraged. Fewer safeguards on the dark web make it more likely that malicious software will infect a user’s device. When it comes to ensuring your downloads are safe, the latest antivirus software with download scanning capabilities is invaluable.

Final Words

There are five tiers, not just three. These are the “Clearnet,” “Surface Web,” “Bergie Web,” “Deep Web,” “Darknet,” “Private Web,” and “Marianas Web” networks, respectively. While each Level serves a unique function, getting to the “Deep Web” or higher requires a Proxy service. To access the “Marianas Web,” “Polymetric Falcihgol Derivation” appears to be required, whereas the “Darknet” needs services like TOR.